Pandit Sevaram


As all of us know that Brahmins in North India have been referred to as Panditjis. But many of us don't know how and when that title came to brahmins indiscriminately.

Here is a story of amusing interest among Akbar-Birbal anecdotes that tells us the details. Sevaram was a brahmin who met Birbal for help. He had a personal problem: His forefathers were great Sanskrit scholars, and that the people used to call them with respect "Pundits". But Sevaram had neither scholarship nor money. Of course, he had no regrets. He was content to live a simple life of an ordinary man. However, he had just one wish-that the people should cal him Panditji, as it was in the case of his forefathers.

Sevaram made a request to Birbal, "Will you kindly do me a favour in making me achieve this one goal in my life?"

Thereby, Birbal came out with a solution: "Sevaram follow this advice of me, word for word. Your desire will be fulfilled."

He whispered his advice to Sevaram and left the place.

Birbal came to know that Sevaram never spared the pranks of his neighbouring children. He even scolded them without reason. The children entertained a grouse against the brahmin. Birbal went to them and told them that they could tease Sevaram by calling him Panditji and he left the place.

Soon the children in the neighbourhood started repeatedly calling Sevaram "Panditji", "Panditji", "Panditji", thinking they were teasing him.

The time had come that Sevaram stopped scolding the children. And the people around him started addressing him "Panditji".

This is how, for every brahmin, whether he be a scholar or not, the title of Panditji has been stuck once for all.