Temple Dancer Protects Chandravarnas Life

Bhetala Puzzles

Chandravarna so happened to be a perfect man with the blessings and knowledge received from the demon. After the Demon transformed into a divine light form and left for Brahma Loka, Chandravarna started pedalling towards his native.

His physical strength was dropping minute after minute. This was due to the six-month stringent condition of the Demon to teach all the knowledge; he neither did consume any food nor did sleep for a while. Somehow, Chandravarna managed to wade through out of the forest and reach a near by town, Prathishta Puram. He was thinking to take shelter in any of the Brahmin's house for food and shelter that night. After gathering some strength, he wished to continue travelling to the native.

Chandravarna passing through a street sighted a beautiful house. With all the cleanliness around the house, he thought that to be belonging to some Brahmin. With a greatest difficulty, he could manage to approach the pial beside the main entrance of the house. Keeping the sack containing the knowledge leaves under the head and fell unconscious.

Contrary to the thought of Chandravarna, the house belonged to a Temple Dancer (Deva Daasi), Alankaaravalli. She was a maestro of music and dance and was very rich. That evening Alankaaravalli spent much time in service of God at the Temple and returned home. She was surprised to see a stranger resting on the pial. She approached the man and called him. Even after repeated shouts, Chandravarna did not wake.

She brought a lamp from the house and looked closely at the stranger. He was looking like a beggar with dirt gathered on his body and torn clothes. She was amazed to see a fine glow on his face, immediately she decided thinking, he must be a learned man. Let me not disturb him for this night.

Next morning Alankaaravalli woke as usual and came out to check whether the stranger was conscious or not. Chandravarna was still in the same stature. After sprinkling some water on the face, he opened his eyes slowly. Though Chandravarna was trying to convey something, voice did not emerge out of his throat. Thinking him to be in his last days, she summoned for Vishwanadhachary, a doctor of the town. He was an experienced doctor aged about sixty years.

No sooner the doctor reached the place, Alankaaravalli requested him, Doctor! He seems to be a stranger to the place and looks like is in the last stages. Please save him.

The doctor examined Chandravarna and diagnosed him the reason for his position because of not having food and sleep for too long a period. Pulse was remotely low. Alankaaravalli! This man deteriorated to this condition for short of nutrition. I will try to save his life, even though it is a difficult process, he told her.

She replied assuring, Doctor! What ever is the expenditure I am ready to spend, please save him. The doctor warned her not to do so, Why do you wish to throwaway your money on some one unknown. Anyway, think twice before you say that again.

Doctor, she confirmed, I wish to save this person at any cost. Every time I see him an unknown affection is forcing me to do so.

That's Alright! As you wish. I will do my best, the doctor went into preparing the combinations for treatment. Alankaaravalli was pleased.

With all the experience put together, the doctor prepared some medicines and administered them to the patient. Many multi-vital juices, drinks, and food were given to him. The doctor intensely continued his treatment for a week or ten days. Chandravarna could reach to a possible normality after the treatment of the doctor and service of the dancer.

Once Chandravarna gathered strength and was normal, he gazed the situation around him and learnt that it was a Deva Dasi's house. No word uttered, he immediately rose from bed and started towards the threshold. Just entering the house from the backyard, Alankaaravalli was shocked to see the Brahmin leaving abruptly. She yelled, Hey Brahmin! Stop!

Chandravarna stopped and turned back. Watching her intensely, he walked towards her. Is that fair to you, leave me so suddenly? I brought the doctor, got him administer costly medicines on you spending heavily and saved your life. Do not desert me and walk away, she pleaded. Please marry me and keep me happy. I cannot continue living without you, she said all in sobs. Chandravarna was furious to hear her words. However, with gratitude for her services, he controlled himself and said, Protecting my life that was close to death, you are equal to my Mother. You are a Deva Daasi. Me being a strict Brahmin cannot marry you at any point of life, he clarified. Alankaaravalli was deeply hurt with the reaction of Chandravarna. She was at strong will to marry him and live with him.

With this decision at heart, she started stepped into quarrel with Chandravarna in front of the house blocking his way. Meanwhile, the soldiers passing by, watched these two quarrelling in the street and took them to the King.

The King asked for an explanation, Why are you disputing with this Deva Daasi in front of her house? Oh Great King! Chandravarna said, I am a Brahmin. After touring many places, I became a learned man. In the process of learning, I was away from food and sleep. Enroute home I rested on the pial of her house. She was courteous towards me and saved my life bringing a doctor and spending for the treatment. This is true. I treat her on par with my Mother for she saved my life. She wishes me to marry her as a gratitude for her. When I denied to do so and was leaving the place, she blocked my way and started a quarrel.

How can I marry a Devadaasi, being a Brahmin? If I do so is that not against the Hindu Dharma. Does the world accept our marriage? he submitted to the King in a submissive manner.

On hearing this, the King looked at Alankaaravalli and questioned her, Do you have something to say?

My Lord! What all Chandravarna said was truth. Nevertheless, though I was born in Deva Daasi's community, I am very much content in terms of righteousness. This you can know from the citizens of the town. Right from the moment I saw this gentleman, I have an inner feeling that he is my husband. I cannot live without him. Please see that he marries me and my life is saved Alankaaravalli pleaded the King.

The King was in a dilemma after hearing both and felt that both had a strong supportable argument with them. In the confusion he looked at his counsel of minister and said, I feel both of them to be right in their respective positions. You propose a solution for the problem. The counsel of ministers discussed the issue at length and in detail. After sometime, chief of the counsel said, Respected King! If we strictly look at the customs and traditions, a Brahmin should not marry a woman belonging to other community. In case a situation arises where in he is compelled to do so he should, at the same time marry four women each belonging respectively to Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Sudra communities. This alternative process was prescribed in the Hindu Dharma Sastra. Then the final discretion is yours.

The King thought of the situation and the proposed solution for a while. Later, he addressed everyone in the court as, Chandravarna is beautiful, and moreover is a learned man. I decided to offer my daughter as one of the wives to him. Along with me, I believe that our court Purohit and Vaisya community chief Somasekhara can also offer their daughters' hands to this learned man for marriage. As Alankaaravalli born in Sudra community has already given her feeling to the court. Now, we can follow the custom and tradition of getting him married to Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Sudra brides at the same time.

Immediately amid the full assembly in the court Purohit and Somasekhara declared their willingness in conformity to the King's thought and decision. Chandravarna could not go against the wish of the King and in compulsion agreed to marry the four women. Alankaaravalli was overwhelmed with joy.

On a fine day amid a big gathering, Chandravarna married the daughters of King, Purohit, and Somasekhara along with Alankaaravalli.