Fifth Strategy: Imprudence

Following is the highlights of these stories, please click on the story name to read in detail.


  • Whoever without judgment does what the foolish barber in this chapter did comes to eternal grief.

The Brahmani and The Mongoose

  • Wisdom is always superior to learning.
  • Self-interest is good; Too much of it will earn a man the fate of Chakradhara.

The Lion That Sprang to Life

  • He who has a narrow mind thinks this is mine, this is his. To a large-hearted person the whole world is his
  • Even if one is very learned, if he is without common sense becomes the butt of ridicule.

The Tale of Two Fish and a Frog

  • What God chooses to save survives sans human effort and no human effort can save what God ordains to perish.
  • Where one cannot pierce sun and wind the wits of a resourceful man enter.
  • One should not leave motherland, for, nothing is happier than one’s own land.
  • He who cannot control cough or cannot keep sleep at bay or cannot resist good food should not burgle a house.
  • Wisdom alone without education does not serve any purpose.

The Story of The Weaver

  • He who has no wits of his own or does not heed advice of friends perishes as the weaver in this story.

The Miserly Father

  • He who covets the impossible or builds castles in the air comes to certain grief.
  • He who is overwhelmed by greed and doesn’t weigh its consequences, will become a victim of deceit like King Chandra in this story.
  • He who wants to live in peace must leave a house of daily strife. Conflict breaks up kingdoms like bad words separate friends.
  • He who spares himself the spectacle of a friend in distress, of his house occupied by an enemy or of the division of his country, is the happiest.

Tale Of The Bird With Two Heads

  • Alone, do not eat delicious food, do not sleep when others are awake, neither should you travel alone nor ponder alone over matters.
  • Those who feed on the rich do not help them in distress.
  • When their wealth is in tact everyone hovers around the rich.