Telugu Festivals

Batukamma (October/November) is special to the Telangana region. In the month-long festival, Goddess Batukamma's idol is worshipped and taken to rivers and lakes and floated in the evening. Batukamma is a floral festival celebrated for about a month, starting from Ganesh Chaturthi and ending on Dasara Festival. Flowers arranged on a pyramid of square bamboo frames is worshipped as Goddess Batukamma by women.

Traditionally, married daughters visit their parents to stay over to commemorate Parvati's visit to her parents. Batukamma, thus believed to be the daughter, is welcomed by the entire family. Each evening, for an entire month, the ladies converge in a community hall or a convenient place and dance around small the floral Batukamma. On Shuddha Ashvin Pratipada, Batukamma is worshipped and symbolically 'dispatched' to her husband's house; (immersed in a water body such as a tank or a lake.)