Butta Bommalu

Butta Bommalu

which literally means Basket Toys--are huge dolls made out of light weight materials like bamboo, paper, dry grass and wood husk. The outer structure is painted as needed and the inner part is hollow into which a person enters and dances to the rhythms of dappu (a percussion instrument very popular in Andhra).

The dolls of Lord Siva, Parvati, Hanuman, Snake-Charmer, Rama and Laxman and scores of others are popular. A small story line is given their performance. The show is all mimed. Sometimes humorous dolls also participate. The most entertaining of them all is the doll of Hanuman doing monkey tricks.

This art forms is popular especially in village festivals, jataras and in marriage processions. With multi-coloured dolls huge in size, and dancing rhythmically to the varying rhythms, Butta Bommalu are easy attraction to children.

In earlier days Butta Bommalu were sure to be there in every festival. Unfortunately, this folk art form is slowly disappearing.

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