Varalakshmi Vratham

Lakshmeem Ksheera Samudraraaja Thanayam Sri Ranga Dhameswareem
Daasibhootha Samastha Deva Vanithaam Lokaika Depankuraam
Srimanmanda Kataaksha Labdha Vibhavad Brahmendra Gangaadharaam
Twaam Thrailokya Kutumbineem Sarasijaam Vande Mukunda Priyaam.

Varalakshmi Vratham

Among the venerations that will be performed for seeking blessings of Gods and Goddesses for success, growth and accomplishing the worldly desires, Varalakshmi Vratham is termed to be holiest. Goddess Varalakshmi is treated as an analogous of Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi; almost every one performs this worship during the Sravana Maasa (the fifth lunar month that falls in July and August). Fridays in Sravana Maasa with Dasami (the tenth lunar day reckoned from new or full moon) and Pournami (full moon) are more favourable to perform this vratham.

Varalakshmi Vratham - Story behind the auspiciousness of Sravana Friday

Some time during the Vedic period, Sounaka and other revered saints visited ashram of Sootha Maharshi in Naimisaranya (Forest Naimisa). After the welcome formalities, the visitors requested Sootha Maharshi to explain about one vratham or prayer that can bless womenfolk of the world with all the worldly riches.

Sootha Maharshi gave a pleasant look at the visitors and said, " My dear blessed souls, on your request I will now explain you the holiest of obeisance. This worship was explained first by the Lord Shankara to Goddess Parvathi. Now I am telling you. This respect is called Varalakshmi Vratham."

Goddess Parvathi, one fine day prayed to Lord Shiva who was meditating. Lord Shiva after listening to the salutations of Goddess Parvathi opened his eyes. Then Goddess Parvathi asked him, "My Lord, please enlighten me with a worship that can be done by women to seek the blessings of the Lord Almighty to achieve their worldly desires and be in peace."

Lord Shiva replied in a soothing tone, "My Dear Lady, Varalakshmi Vratham should be performed with a pure heart on the Friday falling before the Sukla Paksha (the fortnight of the moon's increase) in Sravana Maasa of the year."

Deity Parvathi urged, "Hey Lord, please explain the system of this worship. Whom should one worship? How should one do it and who performed this vratham earlier?"

Lord looked at Parvathi and added, "Listen Katyayani. A Brahmin lady, Charumathi used to live in Kundinam town of Magadha kingdom. She was a submissive housewife. She worshipped her husband on par with Almighty and was serving her in-laws in all aspects with love and respect.

"Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi favoured the chaste and virtuous wife. One day Charumathi perceived a dream in which Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi told her, "Charumathi! I'm Varalakshmi Devi. Mercy came on you from my heart. You perform Pooja on Friday before the full moon in Sravana Maasa and I will bestow all your wishes."

Varalakshmi Vratham - Charumathi's soul prayed the Goddess from her deep sleep

Namasthe SarvaLokanaam Jananyai Punya Murthayeh
Saranye Thri Jagadvande Vishnu VakshaSthalaalaye

"Oh Goddess of the worlds! Fortunate are those on whom your mercy showers. They will excel in all their endeavours with your clemency. I could see your glow with all my good deeds from all my births."

Goddess disappeared after granting many boons. Immediately Charumathi woke up and searched for the Mother, in vain. Then, she understood that she dreamt. Charumathi explained the entire happening to her husband and in-laws. They were delighted and blessed her to perform the Pooja.

On the day Goddess Varalakshmi said, Charumathi and some other righteous women took oil bath and wore colourful clothes. At a place they prepared Mandapam (a porch) by applying cow dung paste. On that porch they placed a seat and on that new rice was spread. On the rice the preliminary rite of solemnly placing a vase decorated with five varieties of leaves was done by the women lead by Charumathi. Then Goddess Varalakshmi was arranged on the vase. In the evening the women prayed to the Goddess:

Padmaasane Padmakare Sarvalokaika Poojithe
Narayana PriyehDevi Supreetha Bhava Sarvada.

Varalakshmi Vratham

The devotees then tied a 'Thoram' (a nine pronged thread smeared with turmeric paste) on to their right wrists. Later, they offered varieties of eatables as sacrifice to the Goddess. The women with Charumathi in the front, did the first rotate circumambulation around the Goddess invoked vase. To the surprise of the women, mild jingles were heard from down under. When they noted where from the jingles were coming, to their astonishment, anklets made of little silver bells were found on around their ankles.

Women understood that the Goddess pleased by their worship presented those. Charumathi and the fellow women paid homage to the Goddess by solemnly walking around the place for the second time. This time precious stones studded bracelets were present round the wrists. Soon after the third circumambulation, the women saw themselves decorated with variety of precious metal and other ornaments. Their houses were filled with wealth, workers, chariots, vehicles and many more.

After completing the circumambulations, Charumathi and other women paid their respects to the Brahmin Priest who administered the adulation and honoured him with all the ritual presentations. Since then Charumathi and other women of the Magadha kingdom performed the Pooja on Sravana Sukla Friday and lived in peace and joy along with their families".

Lord Shiva added, "Parvathi! This worship of Varalakshmi Vratham can be performed by women irrespective of their sect and be happy."

Varalakshmi Vratham - Sravana Sukravaarapu Paata (Sravana Friday Song)

Jaya Mangalam, Nithya Subha Mangalam!
Kailaasa Girilonu Kalpavrukshamu Krinda Pramadhadi Ganamulu Koluvaganu!
Parvathi Parameshwarulu Baaguga Koorchunda Parameshwaruni Yadige Parvathapudu!
Jaya Mangalam, Nithya Subha Mangalam!

Ye Vrathamu Sampadala Nelami Thoduthanichu, Ye Vrathamu Puthra Pauthrabhivrudhi Nosagu!
Anuchunoo Parvathi Aa Haruni Yadugagaa - ParamesuDee Reethi Paluka Saage!
Jaya Mangalam, Nithya Subha Mangalam!

Kundinambaniyeti Patnambulopala - Charumathi Yaniyeti Chede Kaladhu!
Atha Maamala Seva Nathibhakthitho Chesi - Pathi Bhakthi Kaligundu Bhagyasaali!
Jaya Mangalam, Nithya Subha Mangalam!

Vanitha Swapnaamandu Varalakshmi Thaboyi - Charumathi Lemmanuchu Chetha Chariche!
Charachinanthane Lethi, Thali Meerevaraani - Naamaskarichenaa Nalinaakshini!
Jaya Mangalam, Nithya Subha Mangalam!

Varalakshmine Nenu Varamuloo Ichenu - Melkonave Charumathi Melugaanu!
Kolichinappude Mechi Korina Rajyamul - Varamulaa Nicheti Varalakshmine!
Jaya Mangalam, Nithya Subha Mangalam!

Ye Vidhini Poojanu Cheyavalenanuchoonu - Charumathi Yadigenu Sravyamuganu!
Yemi Maasambunu Yemi Pakshambuna - Ye Vaaramoonadu ye Prodduna!
Jaya Mangalam, Nithya Subha Mangalam!

Sravanaa Masamuna Suklapakshamunandu - Sukravaaramunadu Minimaapuna!
Pancha Kalvalu Thechi Baagugaa Thanunilpi - Bhakthitho Poojinchumani Cheppenu!
Jaya Mangalam, Nithya Subha Mangalam!

Charumathi Lechi Yaa Sayyapai Goorchundi - Bandhuvula Pilipinchi Baagugaanu!
Swapnamuna Sri Mahalakshmi Chakachaka Vachi - Kolvamani Palikenoo Kanthalaaraa!
Jaya Mangalam, Nithya Subha Mangalam!

Ye Vidhambuna Pooja Cheyavalenannado - Bandhuvulu Adigiri Premathonu!
Yemi Maasambuna Yemi Pakshambuna - Yemi Vaarambuna Ye Prodduna!
Jaya Mangalam, Nithya Subha Mangalam!